Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite delivers comprehensive communication solutions for businesses. Applications include Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, and Microsoft Office Communications Online. These applications center on email, data sharing, instant messaging, and web conferencing in order to meet the daily demands of employee and client interaction as well as providing cost savings and greater efficiency across the organization. En Pointe Technologies, Inc., a nationally recognized leader in business technology solutions, offers unique customer support and value for businesses seeking to implement BPOS into their current infrastructure.

Comprehensive security measures ensure the protection of your company and client sensitive data as well as data recovery procedures in the event of deletion or loss. Because BPOS is cloud hosted, data protection reaches new levels and the risk of theft can be greatly reduced. Cloud hosting also diminishes risk of server failure and user error, promising nearly continuous uptime.

BPOS can be seamlessly integrated into your current communications structure by means of email co-existence and migration tools. Customers with current Active Directory service and Exchange servers can synchronize existing data lists and accounts with the online applications. Content can also be copied directly to Exchange Online mailboxes from your current Exchange server mailboxes. Migration tools make the process simple and straightforward.

Online collaboration options allow employees anywhere in the world to share documents, edit files, and host online meetings for planning or training purposes. Web conferencing enables employee/client discussions to take place at any time and also allows employees in different locations to meet for brainstorming sessions or training seminars. Meeting notes can be recorded and uploaded for viewing at a later time, and meeting attendance can be monitored via surveys and email reminders. Microsoft Sharepoint Online provides multiple user access to documents and projects, shared calendars, and centralized intranet workspaces.

Management tools include Microsoft's Online Services Administration Center where system administrators can access user and service information and create user accounts, monitor email migration and request technical support.

Your company will realize significant cost savings as you implement Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. Cloud hosting eliminates the need for initial hardware expenditures and allows your IT solutions to grow with your business. Per user monthly fees create predictable expenses without the risk of expensive hardware failure or replacement. By utilizing En Pointe Technologies to manage your IT needs, your IT department will be more productive as they target their expertise toward your business needs rather than toward server maintenance.


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